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7 Ways To Lose Your Instagram Followers

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7 Ways To Lose Your Instagram Followers

By now, we all know all Instagram is fast-becoming the trend of all social network owing. So no one wants to be left behind as everyone is catching vibe of the flexibility of the micro site. However, it’s not a cool thing when a user suddenly loses out on followers but here key ways to avoid hitting that ditch.

Making your account private

7 Ways To Lose Your Instagram Followers

Making your account private is the quickest way to lose your followers. Users who make their account private will have to approve the requests of prospective followers. For some users, they do not bother themselves with private accounts.


There is no one who can proof that the photos you post are real. So, in a bid to make it more interesting, you post pictures that don’t depict what happened. Sooner or later, these lies may be discovered and you will lose followers.

Not responding to comments

You need to reply to comments if you want to improve engagement with your followers. Neglecting comments will send the wrong signal as they will think you don’t value their opinions. Your refusal to reply may lead your followers to unfollow you.

7 Ways To Lose Your Instagram Followers

Post before every meal

Addiction to selfies has gotten to a level where some influencers post their meals online to show off their culinary skills. Since it is not a cuisine page, you should post food pictures sparingly.

Using too many hashtags

Hashtags are important to get more engagements and to search for different pictures. You should use it moderately as excessive use will make you appear desperate to gain traction. You can use up to 30 tags on a post but of course, that is too much.

Posting the same type of content

The reason your Instagram account is popular is because you post different attractive pictures. However, recently you post the same photos repeatedly. The uniqueness of your account will decline. Consequently, your number of followers will drop.

Not using a profile picture

Your profile picture is the first point of attraction for your followers. So, it is compulsory to use a profile picture. Users without profile picture get little or no following.

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