6 Tips For Driving Safely in the Rain

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6 Tips For Driving Safely in the Rain

As the rainy season is ebbing to an end, Lagos and some parts of Nigeria still experience frequent downpour. However, safety precautions ought to be ensured if you’re driving at this particular period to avoid accidents.

Driving in the rain can be very stressful and dangerous because it will be very difficult to see the road and conditions may be terrible. Hence, you have to be extremely careful so that you do not get your car stuck in a ditch or involve in an auto-crash. This is because of the wetter the road, the more the accident.

Here are safety measures to safeguard you while driving in the rainy period:

Slow down

Like earlier said the road condition worsens when it rains. As such, slow down no matter how late you are to your destination. This is safer because you are less likely to be involved in an accident if you slow down.

Check your wipers

Many Nigerian drivers do not check their wipers until it rains. This is really unsafe. The wiper is important as it helps you to get rid of water on the windshield. So, ensure that all your wipers are working and in good condition.

Turn on your headlights

It is not only in the night you turn on your headlights. You also need it when it rains to help improve visibility.

Dry the brakes

Wet roads mean wet brakes, and the four wheel discs on most cars can be coated with water just when you need them most. This can result in the malfunction of your car. Luckily, some cars automatically touch the pads to the rotors to remove water but you can do this too by gently touching the brakes after splashing through a wet spot.

Don’t charge into ditches at high speed

Charging at high speed into ditches can get your car stuck, allow water to find its way into your engine and you can splash water on pedestrians. If your car gets stuck or water finds its way into your engine, you are on your because nobody will be ready to help except you will offer money. As for splashing water, Nigerians will simply reign curses on you.

Inspect your tires

You cannot say when it will rain but you can spot obvious signs it will. Check your tire to ensure that it is not overinflated. The rule is to ensure that the tire is in a good state so that it won’t become slippery since the road is likely to be so when it rains.

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