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3 Lessons Every Aspiring CEO Should Learn From ‘The CEO’ Movie

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By ‘Wole Oduwole

3 Lessons Every Aspiring CEO Should Learn From 'The CEO' Movie

The CEO movie by Kunle Afolayan is a hot shot to every intending CEO of multinational companies or conglomerate.

In a setting where just one has to emerge from top notch candidates, the company might have to subject them all to a challenge, competition or sort of. Now, this is exactly what happens in these big multinational companies. The best and only best candidate is needed to succeed as The CEO.

Now in the Kunle Afolayan’s recently premiered movie, here are three solid lessons for aspiring CEOs.

1. Fronting: this is a simple but difficult task for many. Fronting is a strategic act you put out as if the position doesn’t mean such a big deal to you. This can double your chances as you won’t be on the radar of other contenders. This will make you open and accessible to all as well. As seen in the movie, Kola Alabi didn’t really show his anxiety to succeed. According to him, he was only having fun. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not determined. You don’t just have to show obsession for the seat.

2. Have a relationship with everyone: this is so logical as you need no one to tell you how much it’d influence your task. In the contemporary system of multinational establishment, you can’t afford to be a lone ranger. Mingle, have a relationship with everyone. However, don’t forget George Washington’s words, “Be courteous with all but intimate with few“. Kola again in The CEO movie had this connection with every candidate that seemed to have put him on the centre stage of every occurrence. One vital advantage of this relationship is that you get to know who’s got your back, also little bit of everyone.

3.Show concern not weakness: no one wants a nonchalant boss so you just have to show concern at some point. Nevertheless, you should be able to discern from concern and weakness so you they are not juxtaposed. There are situations that directly or indirectly affect you in the journey to the big seat. You don’t let them press you down but you trample on them. Kola was at the center of all the terrible occurrences. He wasn’t pressed by them but treaded on them. He showed no weakness towards his South-African contender, rather, he threw the trophy to his face with the musical chair. Unlike others, he also failed to be intimidated by Dr. Zimana’s protruding tests. Kola Alabi never wanted the CEO seat on a platter of nothing. So make sure you deserve it if you’re getting it!

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