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Wunmi Toriola Descends Hardly On Her Bestie, Seyi Edun, Labels Her ‘An Hypocrite’

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Turbulence; As Wunmi Toriola Raged Over Her Bestie Being Hypocrite.
Wunmi Toriola

Nothing is perfect not even a so-called perfect friendship. As obviously seen in the case of the popular friends, Wunmi Toriola and Seyi Edun. Below is the full gist as narrated by TalkGlitz:

Last night, Actress Wunmi Toriola sparked a commotion after she raged about fake people like Seyi Edun who come online to act matured and yet very immature offline. It is a thing obvious to everyone that knows these two, that they were best friends.

Seyi Edun
Seyi Edun

Wunmi Toriola in her message last night said that:

“I am that person who won’t harbour hates, hurt, depression or sadness in the name of acting matured’. If we are cool , awww bless God, if there is a rift, I show my displease, I show my hurt and I don’t play the victim. I try to settle it if need be and if not be, I just watch, don’t mistake my identity , I am fashioned for Real queens and kings . I am not some of you ‘Matured’ souls. if Maturity is about playing the victim and always looking for sympathy. We all have what we go in life, don’t hurt people offline and form maturity online”

Now clearing the air and giving more information on whom she was referring to, the Actress released a screenshot of her last chats with her friend and colleague, Seyi Edun. According to her, Seyi Edun only greeted her online on her , acting like everything is fine between them when it is not. The below is the message of Seyi Edun to Wunmi Toriola on her birthday:

“happy birthday to a beautiful [email protected] may ur new year be blessed and filled with everlasting joy. Lines will continue to fall in pleasant places for you. Best Anike”

This message made Wunmi Toriola furious and she raged vehemently.

However, from the chats posted by Wunmi Toriola, Seyi Edun sincerely wished her well on her birthday, even said she wishes her all she wishes herself. It is strange how good wish become an infuriating force. Most astonishing is how the supposed sailing safe Friend-Ship capsizes.

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