Comply To ‘Hardcore’ Culture Or Leave – Elon Musk To Twitter Employees

Comply To 'Hardcore' Culture Or Leave - Elon Musk To Twitter Employees
Elon Musk

Elon Musk gave Twitter employees a list of demands, or else they could expect to be fired. Through a midnight email, he told them to commit to “hardcore” culture or else leave. The Washington Post has reported that the list of demands includes signing an online form by 11 PM Nigerian Time on Thursday. Failure to sign would likely result in three months of severance pay.

Former Uber engineer Gergely Orosz, who has been reporting on Twitter’s internal changes this week, said Musk’s email outlines a “Twitter 2.0” that will be driven by engineers with “those writing great code” taking a more influential role inside the company.

See the thread:

Last week, Musk said in a mass email that he’d be modeling his approach at Twitter after SpaceX and Tesla. “What works at SpaceX and Tesla is people being in the office and being hardcore,” said Musk during his first meeting with employees following the cuts. Two weeks ago he announced plans to cut roughly half of the company’s workforce — roughly 300 employees — while telling those who remain they should expect “a new set of rules.”

In the email to Twitter employees, Musk demands that they “will need to be extremely hardcore.” Musk has also previously asked Tesla employees to “go super hardcore” in order to meet their goals.

Previously, Musk had attempted to launch a new version of Twitter with paid blue checkmarks with a deadline that would result in firings if it wasn’t met. However, the new Twitter Blue, which costs $7.99 per month and comes with its own blue verified checkmark, led to chaos on the social network upon its release.

After just two days, Twitter halted the rollout of Twitter Blue. This was due to the fact that advertisers were halting campaigns because of some unforeseen issues. Musk tweeted yesterday that the service will relaunch on November 29th after waiting to make sure it is ready for primetime.

Musk has fired as many as 5,500 people following their work with the contract Twitter employees. According to Musk, an engineer even got fired for correcting him. This is not the first time this employee was reprimanded and made a public issue. Others who complained publicly also got axed, including a person who reportedly complained in the company’s private Slack.


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