8 Tips For Surfing The Web Better And Faster

8 Tips For Surfing The Web Better And Faster
Surfing the internet

Everyone wants to get the best browsing experience. It is quite tiresome to wait for web pages if they are responding slowly. This is quite true if you are a kind who spends most of your time on tight research schedules. When you open a browser with more than ten tabs running at a given time, you will understand why you require a fast web browser. But how is this possible? What tricks would you use to get a fast browsing experience? We have mentioned some of the tips for browser speed.

Not every solution will work for every user, and not every user should even attempt every solution. But then, if you want the best experience, we have mentioned some of the most helpful tips for increasing your productivity.

Store temporary Web files on a RAM disk

To make your device browse faster, a RAM disk is necessary since it speeds up disk-intensive apps up. Since your speeds will increase when using a RAM disk, storing your files temporarily will allow your browser to run faster. But then, this solution is not recommended for new users. This is because you will require a third party to do it.

Use A VPN 

Using VPN is among the most secure method when browsing. A fast security VPN for browsers hides your data making it more secure. It will protect your IP from other operators who want to access your location. Firefox free VPN is a VPN extension for Firefox which encrypts your traffic to keep third parties from discovering your online activity. Therefore, if you have been looking for the best VPN extension, go no further.


On the other hand, VPN VeePN helps you when you want to change your virtual location so that you can use a server in a foreign country. This makes it possible to choose the best deals globally.  You can go to the review VeePN and check it. Here, you will get the best VPNs to increase your browsing speed.


Check Your Data Cap 

Sometimes, internet providers put a bandwidth cap on your internet plan. In most cases, ISPs have set limits. Some may reduce your browsing speeds until the month has come to an end.

To be certain, you should have a phone number or a website that helps you know if your internet plans have such limits. If you aren’t sure, you can get a confirmation from the ISP website or their official paperwork.

Use A Fast Browser

If you are a regular internet user, you may have discovered that not all browsers are equal. Some are faster compared to others. The best speed available currently is Google Chrome. If you are used to internet explorer and Firefox, you will notice a great difference when you use Google Chrome. If you have been thinking of advancing your browsing speeds, Google Chrome is the best web browser for you. It speeds up your browsing experience by allowing you to make your searches in the URL address bar. Having this feature won’t make it necessary for you to have another toolbar, which may slow your browser down.

Use Browser History

In some cases, you may carry out research across multiple web pages, and suddenly, you realize that something you had discarded is more relevant to you. How would you navigate to that website? You can remember the words you used for the search and scan them to redirect you to that site. But then, there is an easy way. If you have the right time and date in mind, you can find the site you are looking for in your browser history.

Scan Your Computer For Viruses

Your computer may slow down not because it is faulty but because something is using its bandwidth. You will find this when you make a large download or an important update that misbehaves when checked in the Windows task manager. This will be a virus. But then, there are antivirus softwares that help you find out if there are any major issues.

Move Closer To Your Router

The signal strength will be reduced if you are browsing the internet far from your router. This means you will lose more data packets, and your device won’t get all the information sent by the router. Sending the data again will consume much time, reducing your browsing speed.

Use An Ethernet Cable Instead Of a Wi-Fi

Although this may look awkward, most devices have Ethernet ports to make physical connections with your router. Usually, a standard cable of o1000 Mbps is quite faster than the normal wifi connections in ideal connections. 

Apart from getting faster speeds on Ethernet cables, you won’t have to worry about distant limits and other network interference. It can reach 300 feet using an ethernet cable without interfering with speeds.

Final Thoughts

The internet is the best equalizer for individuals who understand it and its efficiency. It is now easier for anyone to get facts using a search engine other than dredging them from the gray matter dungeon, having in mind that they know some basic tricks. Therefore, never underestimate the power of a good search engine.


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