Check Out Samsung’s Foldable Flip Phone Concept [VIDEO]

Check Out Samsung’s Foldable Flip Phone Concept [VIDEO]
Samsung’s foldable flip phone design

Samsung has teased a new foldable phone concept at the company’s developer conference and users may geek out seeing its futuristic abilities.

The new concept which wasn’t named by Samsung looks like a typical flip phone and has a foldable display that allows the device to fold in half.

Check Out Samsung’s Foldable Flip Phone Concept [VIDEO]

Samsung’s head of R&D, Hyesoon Jeong, said that the brand new form would easily fit into one’s pocket and that it would change the way people used their phones. The idea behind the concept is to take the company’s foldable smartphone technology and make it compact.

Details of the availability of the design weren’t revealed but Samsung used the avenue to talk about an upcoming update to its UI efforts with Android.

Samsung has been striving to improve its Android user interface since it released the Galaxy Fold device earlier this year, and is now working on One UI 2, which seems to be a more refined version of the company’s changes to the S10 and Note 10.

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