Google Faces Huge Damages Claims Worth $25.4 Billion In UK And Dutch Courts

Google Faces Huge Damages Claims Worth $25.4 Billion In UK And Dutch Courts
Google HQ, Mountain View, California, United States

Google is facing USD 25.4 billion in damages from the European Union because of its digital adverting techniques. Google has received this judgment from Dutch and UK courts, claiming Google unfairly benefits from its adtech business.

The Alphabet-owned firm will face action in a Dutch court and the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal, over the company’s digital advertising practices, according to a report. Google has recently been investigated by competition watchdogs across Europe, after publishers have complained that it benefits unfairly over rivals from its adtech business.

A law firm representing publishers will submit lawsuits against Google soon. Publishers previously complained about the firm’s adtech practices and investigations have been completed in Europe.

The company will need to take legal action – in the UK and in Europe – in order to obtain compensation for publishers.

The lawsuits will reportedly be filed at a Dutch court and the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal in the coming weeks.

The Dutch lawsuit will cover publishers suffering from Google’s advertising business, while the UK lawsuit will seek recompense for revenue losses to news providers. Harbour is financing both lawsuits, and during the time of the publishing of this article, there was a lack of substantial updates on either case.

Google’s latest antitrust woes in Europe comes after previous reports that the company is facing scrutiny into its adtech practices by both the European Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK.


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