YouTube Shorts Adds New Feature That Allows Creators Remix Videos

YouTube Shorts, the short-form video sharing platform on YouTube, is getting a new Green Screens feature that lets you remix your videos. You can remix the background of your video with any eligible video or YouTube Short by adding a segment of up to 60 seconds. The compa

YouTube Shorts Adds New Feature That Allows Creators Remix Videos
YouTube Shorts’ Green Screens

ny said that their update is currently being rolled out to iOS. Last month, they added the Cut feature which let creators remix videos with short duration clips.

Google announced new functionality that will allow you to remix content while creating original videos. This latest feature is now available for iOS users, with the Android release coming in the coming months.

You can access the Green Screen feature to create a video when you tap the Create button. From a video, you can select the green screen to choose the desired video portion.

If a user uploads a video to Shorts, they can choose if the Google Green Screen technology can be applied to their video. The original content of the video will remain intact on the YouTube application. Users cannot remove visual claims from content which may have been used by other users on Google’s platform.

Google released YouTube Shorts in September 2020 to rival TikTok because many people like to make and watch short video clips. They have been constantly adding new features ever since its release. If you are on an iPhone, you can now merge up to five-second videos from eligible videos or YouTube Shorts videos in order to create a new video of your own. It is expected to come out for Android devices sometime later this year.

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