Netflix Planning To Introduce Livestreaming

Netflix may expand into livestreaming with its stand-up specials and other live content.

Netflix Planning To Introduce LivestreamingDeadline discusses the possibility that Netflix employee support could result in livestreamed events and live group voting. They reference a recent event on Selling Sunset as an example of streamed content.

Netflix could also use their video recording feature to create live comedy specials. In 2018, Netflix held its first-ever live and in-person comedy festival, called the Netflix Is a Joke Fest. The Los Angeles-based event spanned several days and featured over 130 popular comedians, including Ali Wong, Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney, and more

Netflix has not yet released any information on the upcoming feature. Disney Plus, one of Netflix’s biggest rivals, has already gotten into livestreams. In February, Disney Plus aired a live showing of the Academy Awards, a first for the service. It has also become the new home of the celebrity dance competition series, Dancing With the Stars, which is set to debut as a live series on the platform later this year.

With earnings and revenue going down, Netflix is having to think on the fly and is considering a variety of measures including cracking down on password sharing and adding a cheaper ad-supported streaming option.


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