Apple Ends Production Of iPod After 20 Years

Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch, the last music player in its lineup. The company says it will start selling the current Touch “while supplies last.”

Apple Ends Production Of iPod After 20 Years
Apple iPods

Apple says that the spirit of its music players lives on in all of its devices like the iPhone and HomePod.

The iPod Touch has been used since 2007 and allows people to listen to music. It has found a following for those who want an iPhone-like experience but don’t actually need a phone.

Apple discontinued the 7th generation of the iPod touch on Tuesday. The model of the music player was announced as an accessory to the iPhone 7 and has been on shelves since 2019. Apple’s 6th-generation model was introduced in 2015, but despite many calls for a simpler device, it seems that it is not something Apple prioritized.

With the addition of the iPhone to Apple’s product line, iPod sales have declined. Fadell says they “knew” that it would happen since mp3s can be played on smartphones which take up less space than an iPod.

Apple didn’t see that as a problem, according to Fadell. “At Apple, every single thing that was tried — at least under Steve — needed to ship because it was existential. You couldn’t not make the iPhone successful because you were cannibalizing the iPod business.”


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