Spotify tests revamped user profiles for greater social identity and discovery

The new profiles, still in testing, include card-style layout, personalized recommendations, and easy access to unique features such as Blend playlists and co-listening experiences.

Spotify tests revamped user profiles for greater social identity and discovery

Spotify is testing a revamped user profile feature that lets users establish more of a social identity on the platform, along with easy access to Spotify’s unique features such as personalized recommendations, Blend playlists, and co-listening experiences.

The new layout features a card-style design and a new heading at the top of the screen that looks more like a social network. The profiles include details about the person, such as their Spotify subscription plan, how long they’ve been a member, general location, follower and following counts, and a button that lets users follow them.

There’s also a fun feature that lets users set a “vibe” above their name to give their profile a little pizazz. The playlists and artists are now displayed as cards, with interactive features available to create a new playlist right from the profile or share playlists with others.

Users are pointed to other things they can do on Spotify under the “Discover more features” section, such as finding live events, creating Blends with friends, and checking out Spotify’s new audiobooks. While the profiles are being live tested in multiple markets, it’s not clear whether the feature will be rolled out to all users or scrapped based on feedback.

However, given Spotify’s recent focus on discovery, it’s likely that the new profiles will make it easier for users to explore more of what Spotify has to offer while finding and enjoying new artists and music with fewer clicks.

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