Opera Browser to Integrate AI-Generated Content Services

Opera Browser to Integrate AI-Generated Content Services

to integrate AI-generated content services on its PC and mobile web browsing software. The new “-powered” AI feature will provide direct access to popular platforms like TikTok, Telegram, and WhatsApp, with the first tool, called “Shorten,” to summarise articles and web pages using AI technology.

aims to augment the browsing experience, with plans to expand its AI program to develop content for its browser, news, and gaming products. Recently, Google has introduced its conversational AI service, Bard, expected to be available to the public over the coming weeks.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into everyday products and services, and web browsing software is no exception. Opera’s move to integrate AI-generated content (AIGC) services into its browsers is just one example of this trend.

The use of AI in web browsing is aimed at improving the user experience and providing more personalized content. The integration of AI into the browser allows it to learn the user’s preferences and habits, and to provide relevant content and services accordingly.

Opera’s introduction of the -powered AI content services is an exciting development for the browser. The tool “Shorten” is just the beginning, as the company plans to expand the use of AI-generated content to its news and gaming products as well.

While is not the only company exploring the use of AI in web browsing, it is certainly one of the leaders in this space. Other companies, such as Google, have also been investing heavily in AI technology, as evidenced by the recent unveiling of its conversational AI service Bard.

As AI technology continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, it is likely that we will see more and more companies incorporating it into their products and services. The benefits of AI are many, and its integration into web browsing is just one example of the exciting possibilities that this technology presents.

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