Twitter Introduces New Criteria for Account Reinstatements and Appeals

Twitter Introduces New Criteria for Account Reinstatements and AppealsTwitter announced that starting February 1st, users will be able to appeal account suspensions and be evaluated under new criteria for reinstatement. The new criteria, implemented following the purchase of the company by Elon Musk in October, state that accounts will only be suspended for severe or ongoing and repeat violations of the platform’s policies. These severe policy violations include illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, and targeted harassment of other users.

Instead of suspending accounts, Twitter will now take less severe actions such as limiting the reach of tweets that violate its policies or asking users to remove tweets before continuing to use the account.

In December, Musk faced criticism for suspending accounts of several journalists due to a controversy surrounding the publication of public data about his plane. However, the accounts were later reinstated.

Additionally, Musk recently tweeted about a higher-priced subscription to the social media platform that will not carry any advertisements. He stated that ads are “too frequent on Twitter and too big” and that steps will be taken to address those issues in the coming weeks. It’s worth noting that Twitter generates nearly 90 percent of its revenue from digital ads, and recently Musk blamed rights organizations for the “massive drop in revenue” due to pressure on brands to pause their Twitter ads.

In January, Twitter also announced the price for a Twitter Blue subscription for Android to be $11 per month, similar to the fee for iOS subscribers. However, the company offered a cheaper annual plan for web users compared to monthly charges. The higher pricing for Android users is likely to offset fees charged by the Google Play Store, similar to Apple’s App Store.

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