How to Successfully Bet on Soccer?

How to Successfully Bet on Soccer?In the United States, NFL is by far the most popular sport, but outside the US, soccer has that status. Therefore it is the most frequent in betting actions. The amount of bets placed on soccer events is unreal, and we simply can’t explain how enormous money is generated in this area. 


All we can say is that the bookies have private television networks that live stream various games, some of which aren’t even covered by their own local televisions. So, you don’t find easy information about them on any sports news, most of it will be in the same bookies which usually have predictions today to keep you even further updated. 


In most cases, the profits are heading in one direction: toward the bookmakers. However, in one percent of the situations, we see the punters obtaining pretty solid sums of money, some of them making real fortunes.


What is their secret, and what do they do in their betting process? Well, several factors are going to be mentioned in the upcoming few lines of this article: 


  • Strategy
  • Discipline
  • Tips




Picking the right strategy is one of the essential things in betting. You must have a vision and guidelines for your betting. Otherwise, you might wander around, lost in the whirl of options and possibilities. And that often ends with a substantial financial loss, which is something you don’t want to experience, right? 


You have all sorts of strategies at disposal, like Martingale, Arbitrage betting, Zig-Zag theory, etc. 


The strategies provide a pattern you need to follow to stay on the right course, which is the most important thing in the equation. 




So, picking the right strategy won’t mean anything if you crack under pressure and start making “small” adjustments. Those minor variations you make will eventually lead to catastrophic outcomes and believe us when we say, it is better not to make them in the first place. That is a one-way ticket to loss.


You have to be concentrated in all the situations without allowing any bursts. Avoid betting when you feel stressed, do not have a focus, or experience a lack of energy. Simply, when you aren’t mentally in shape and can’t give 100%, do not place any bets. You might be lucky one or two times, but in the long run, you will get into a spiral with a poor ending, which includes heavy losses and an incredibly high stress level. Sometimes that is even worse. 




Here are several tips that you might find helpful in your betting quest. 


  1. Weather
  2. Head to Head
  3. Special relationships
  4. Context




For outdoor events, the weather is, in certain situations, the crucial factor in betting. For instance, when the weather is poor, you know that the chances for low efficiency are way higher than usual. 


Head to Head


Certain teams simply aren’t getting along with specific rivals. We’ve often seen Real Madrid at its best losing in Bilbao or in Betis. That is simply how it is, and certain units have a magic formula for a particular opponent.


That’s why you need to see the head-to-head record between the teams before betting on either of them or some other outcome in that event. 


Special Relations


We often have two teams with extreme animosity towards one another. Traditional rivalry, or something else, it doesn’t matter; the two units can’t stand one another. For example, when teams from North Italy come to Naples or further south. 


On the other side, there are friendly relations, often seen in European soccer, where two teams split a win each in the national leagues, played on the round-robin system. They are usually teams from the same region of the country. 




Imagine the situation when one unit desperately needs points to avoid relegation. On the other side, the champions are coming to meet that team, but they’ve already secured the title and won’t risk injuries. So they send out youngsters on the field. In a normal situation, the logical thing to do is bet on the champs, but that isn’t the case here. 


The game’s context and the circumstances surrounding it are extremely important, and you need to be aware of them too.


For many, these are the most important ones, so follow them at any cost.

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