Osimhen’s Napoli Return Delayed Amid Contract Uncertainty

Napoli's Osimhen Yet to Return, Contract Issues Persist

Osimhen's Napoli Return Delayed Amid Contract Uncertainty
Contract Concerns Surround Victor Osimhen’s Napoli Return

Victor Osimhen has not yet made his way back to Italy, and Napoli is anticipating his commencement of an intensive phase of recovery work scheduled for next week. All the while, his contractual situation remains a lingering concern.

The 24-year-old forward has been sidelined since October 13 due to a hamstring muscle injury sustained during Nigeria’s 2-2 draw with Saudi Arabia in a friendly match. Consequently, Osimhen has been absent from Napoli’s last three consecutive games.

Rather than returning to Italy following his injury, Osimhen has remained in Nigeria, leaving Napoli awaiting his comeback. This period of uncertainty has been marked by ongoing discussions and speculation about his contract negotiations with the club.

As reported on Page 12 of Wednesday’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Osimhen’s return to Italy has not materialized yet. Napoli is keen for him to embark on the intensive phase of his recovery work next week, a crucial step that will enable the club to begin planning for his eventual return.

It’s worth noting that a year ago, Osimhen faced a similar setback when he suffered the same muscle injury on September 7 but managed to return to the pitch by October 12.

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