5 Things You Must Miss About Ballon D’or In 2020

5 Things You Must Miss About Ballon D'or In 2020
5 Things You Must Miss About In Ballon D’or 2020

The organisers of the Ballon d’Or, France Football, have confirmed the prize will not be awarded this year for the first time since 1956 amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has caused a lot of aches to the football fans. It is obvious that COVID-19 causes more harm than lockdown, it has also deprived the holding of the remarkable event, Ballon d’or.

Football fans are surely going to miss Ballon d’or, these are the 5 things they will specially miss about Ballon d’or in 2020.

  1. Seeing Your Favourite Player Winning Big: there is nothing more freaking to a football fan than seeing your favourite win the Ballon d’or. Lionel Messi won the last year Ballon d’or, the happiness displayed by his fans all over the world could not be quantified. This same thing happened when Ronaldo won in 2017. It is usually a thing of celebration to the Fans of any Ballon d’or winner.
  2. The Nominees List: Before the final winner, there is usually a list containing the names of the nominees. This is part of the fun in football, especially when you see the top 10 nominees. At times majority of the football fans may feel like the nominees are not right or a player was overhyped or downgraded. I don’t think is ever possible to have a perfect list, as opinions of best players varies from one football fan to another. Anyways football fans are not the ones who determined the winner, but anticipating and seeing the nominees list released is always overwhelming, at the same time a lot of missed feelings accompany it.

    5 Things You Must Miss About Ballon D'or In 2020
    Ballon D’or Atmosphere
  3. The Captivating Ballon D’or Atmosphere: The atmosphere on the D day is always fascinating. The decoration, music and the outstanding Compere are usually beautiful to behold. Anybody will love to be present at the event.

    5 Things You Must Miss About Ballon D'or In 2020
    Handsome Footballers
  4. Players’ Looks Outside The Pitch: On the day of the award you will get to see amazing looks of football players. Footballers usually will put on suits; they usually will look different from their pitch looks. You will get to know that aside football sense, footballers have dressing sense.
  5. The Controversies: This is the height; the controversies usually will start from the nominee list till the final winner gets the Ballon d’or (Golden Ball). Even after the winner has been declared, some people will still not be pleased with the winner, they may say he does not deserve it or someone else deserved it better. Especially when it comes to Ronaldo and Messi, this is a serious controversy, when Ronaldo’s fans see 1000 reasons Ronaldo should win, Messi’s Fans will give 2000 reasons why Messi is the true winner, and this was well displayed last year when Messi won the Ballon d’or.

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