Football Betting Predictions and How to Use Stats


Football Betting Predictions and How to Use Stats

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling. There are a lot of sports fans around the world. The exhilarating experience which they get from wagering has increased the rate of Sports Betting. It is estimated that the Sports Betting industry is worth between 700 million dollars to 1 trillion dollars.

Did you know that football, which is arguably the most popular sport in the world, generates 70% of this revenue? It’s why you have many bettors on Betway trying their luck. You can too on Betway, and you just need to go here .

When you are betting, it is common that you will go for the long odds so that you can earn more money. That is the whole reason why you better right? Statistics show that the only way that you can make a long-term benefit from gambling is by placing a long-term bet. The best way that you can earn from it is by studying a team’s stats.

How to use the teams stats?

Not every team performs the same every season. Their players may not be in good form, or suffer from injuries. You need to know which team is playing on that particular day, and the team’s recent form.

When you are placing a football bet, it is vital to analyse the team’s quality. This will, in turn, help you accurately predict the outcome of a match. Football stats can merely be defined as a set of records which will help you in every aspect of football betting.

There are a lot of football stats which can come in handy such as total goals scored, disciplinary record, new form guides and head to head records. This means that you should not jump right into jumping without having a look at football teams. Even if a team is playing home or away, it is something that you should consider while you are betting.

Every football match which you’re going to watch there’s always going to be some stats that are recorded. For every yellow card which is given in a football match is a football stat which will affect your betting slip.

So, once you start understanding everything about football stats, you will be able to optimise profits fully. Moreover, betting will become more comfortable for you.

The question then is, which football stats should you consider when you are placing a bet? It is straightforward you should analyse the chances that are relevant to a particular match. For instance when you want to put a bet of total-goals, then you should explain the number of goals that both teams have scored in the past six to 10 games. Also, you can also tell the number of scores that a particular player has scored in the previous matches. This will help increase your betting profits.

However, the best way that you can analyse football stats is by signing up to a football database. You can also decide to download a football stats app which will be your cheat sheet.

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