Nigerians Berate Tariq Nasheed Over ‘Secure The Tribe’ Discussion


Tariq Nasheed has sparked a wide reaction from Nigerians earlier today on his Twitter Space discussion under the hashtag, #SecureTheTribe.

Nigerians Berate Tariq Nasheed Over 'Secure The Tribe' Discussion
Tariq Nasheed

In this discussion titled “How does Immigration benefit Black Americans?”, Tariq strongly opines that Africans are taking the jobs of Americans and they are helping the country in any way.

Nigerians were quick to counter his opinion and give several reasons why they are excelling in the American space. Most of these reactions, Tariq wasn’t having them, he kicked out of a bunch of participants in the Twitter Space conversation.

Here are a few reactions on Twitter from Nigerians:

Nigerian investigative journalist, David Hundeyin wrote:

Tariq Nasheed is a grifter who makes money off attention. If you stop giving him attention, he’ll go away.

It’s not like he or the idiots around him have any organisational capacity whatsoever that would make them politically relevant.

Their world begins and ends on YouTube.

Nigerian OAP, Sandra Ezekwesili reacts:

So essentially, the people in this #SecureTheTribe space came together to blame everyone else but themselves for their problems. The Asians, the Africas, etc.

Seen seen.

Another OAP, Osi Suave has this to say:

Nigerians are paying $20k every year as school fees and have to work part time to put body and soul together and this clown called Tariq says we are coming to take their opportunities.

Im so livid.

@Oluomoofderby wrote:

Twitter new CEO Parag Agrawal is an immigrant from India

Rupert Murdoch the CEO and chairman of News Corporation is an immigrant from Australia

Your anger should be directed towards the system and not the immigrants.

Dipo Awojide also knocks Tariq off blaming his poor educational background:

Tariq is a High School Drop out. Could have failed JAMB and GCE in Nigeria. This is the person who says educated Nigerians come to America to take his opportunities Face with tears of joy

I knew from last night. He didn’t get proper education. He didn’t finish school!

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