10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date

10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date
10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date

To have a beautiful first date, there are certain things you should shun absolutely. If these things are not avoided it can lead to a bad date. TalkGlitz has the list of 10 things you should avoid on a first date. They are:

  1. Avoid Being Unkempt: Record has it that 29% of men, go out for a date without taking a bath! As for women the percentage be lower, but there is a high percentage of women, who forget to shave their private hairs and treat their nails. This should be radically shunned, ensure you do not dress shabbily on your first date, don’t say it is first date now, nothing serious. It is very serious so take it as one. Your look on your first date will give the first impression about you, so it does really matters.
  2. Avoid Lateness: It is very important that you are punctual on your first date. Imagine yourself waiting out in the cold and rain for your date to come. I’m sure you won’t like it. So don’t be late on your first date or on all of your dates. You have to be on time no matter what. It’s a really serious mistake and a bad sign for the future. There are no excuses for being late, avoid it!
  3. Avoid Using Your Cell phone: Between texting, tweeting, posting, and liking, it can be hard to remember life outside the screen. Texting at the table may make your date think that you are not taking this seriously or are simply not interested,” explains professional matchmaker Audra Chandler-Blakley. “So put the phone aside, and take this time to really focus on your date and get to know the date face to face. Do not play with your cell phone. Yeah right, you went out for a date, to show your friends that there is a person on this earth, who wants to date you! Exciting, isn’t it? You may also be a very busy and successful businessman, but you can forget it for about 2-3 hours. Mute or switch off your mobile, or even better, leave it at home! Interrupting continuously your conversation to check in on Facebook or answer a business phone call, is ridiculous.
    10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date

    The day has 24 whole hours, dedicate some to your date. It’s your first date remember? It is special, so give it the time and attention it deserve without sharing withour cell phone.

  4. Avoid wearing revealing clothing: You have only one chance to make a good impression. Revealing clothing can make you appear “easy” or “loose” even if you’re not. Don’t come dressed for the gym either. “Dress well but don’t overdo it. ‘Dressy casual’ is the best: shirt and pants for men and a nice dress or a cute top and pants or skirt for women.” Dress in a manner that you can be very comfortable.
  5.  Avoid talking too much about yourself: Make sure to create a balance between speaking about you and asking questions about the other person. “Too much about yourself suggests you are too self-involved,” stresses physiologist and author Karen Sherman, Ph.D. Also, avoid asking your date too much about him or herself. “Asking too much about the other person can make him or her feels uncomfortable.” You may seem like a detective when you are not. You may also be tagged desperate, just ask necessary questions that will help you to know your date more and also make the date more interesting.

    10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date

  6. Avoid Taking About Your Ex: This is a big turnoff for a lot of people. Oftentimes, it’s a sign that you’re not completely over your ex and your current date is merely a rebound. Talking about an ex love forces your date to wonder if you’re ready for someone new. “If you catch yourself beginning sentences with ‘I used to date someone who…’ or ‘Oh yeah, my ex and I…,’ you are setting yourself up for failure”, shun any of such statements. This is a new person different from your ex, go with the new flow and not ruin it with your opinion about your ex.
  7. Don’t get drunk: Drinking should really be kept to a minimum no more than two alcoholic beverages preferably. Excessive drinking can lead to nightmarish situations where you make decisions you normally wouldn’t. If you do no normally take alcohol, do not try taking it on your first date so as not to lead to regret. A first date can easily turn into a one night stand under this circumstance. The goal is to engage with the person by listening and speaking.
    10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date
  8. Don’t have sex on the first date: If you really want a committed relationship and for your date to take you seriously, don’t have sex with him right away. “Having sex on the first date will cloud your judgment, and if he doesn’t call again, you’re going to spend a lot of energy analyzing, stalking, and even asking him out yourself for a second and third date. Just because he had sex with you doesn’t mean he’s interested and if you care about his interest wait to get to know him better. You are most likely not to be fortunate with the repercussion of sleeping with him on a first date.
    10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date
  9. Avoid controversial topics: While it’s important for many people to know where their date stands on finances, religion, the future, or politics, marriage, don’t bring them up on the first date. It can lead to arguments and uncomfortable moments. Get to know your date, and don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t bring up marriage or kids on a first date you are not sure if you want to share a dessert, let alone a future. For some people, it also makes them feel like you’re rushing the relationship.
  10. Avoid pretending to be someone you’re not: Be real on your first date, do not try to be someone you are not. Be as real and natural as possible, so that you won’t have to try to remember what act you put on. If he or she doesn’t like exactly who you are, the journey may not need to go further as that even help you to get another suitable date for yourself.
    10 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date

Other things worthy of notes to be avoided on a first date are; avoid bringing a third party along on your first date, avoid the mentality that my date will pay for all we are going to buy and avoid sleeping over in your date’s place on the first date.  

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