7 Ways To Handle Rejection From Someone You Love

7 Ways To Handle Rejection From Someone You Love
7 Ways To Handle From Someone You Love

comes with a very hurtful feeling to its victim, it usually looks like a signal for not being wanted.  It’s called the sting of rejection because that’s exactly what it feels like: You reach out to pluck a promising “bloom” that is someone you loved only to receive a surprising and upsetting brush-off that feels like an attack. It’s enough to make you never want to put yourself out there ever again. And yet you must, or you’ll never find the people and opportunities that do want everything you have to offer.

So what’s the best way to deal with rejection? Here are the 7 ways to handle rejection:

#1. Realize That It’s No Big Deal

Yeah, you read right! It is not a big deal at all, not everyone will accept your love proposal, you cannot force anyone to feel the same you do. Life goes on, take the NO and move on. You won’t be the first person that such will happen to and you are most likely not to be the last.

#2. Allow Yourself Time To Process Your Hurt Feelings

7 Ways To Handle Rejection From Someone You Love
A Lady Hurt After

You’ve had your hopes dashed. Maybe you’ve learned your crush wasn’t mutual, or your friend has stopped accepting your calls. This can evoke a complicated knot of feelings. Accept the fact that you’re a human being with emotions and allow time to feel what you’re feeling. Meanwhile, tell yourself you are certainly going to recover from it, you cannot just keep dwelling in pain and hurt. You owe yourself more love than keep dwelling in hurtful feelings. You can just allow yourself to have your feelings, lead your feelings to slowly reduce in intensity till it vanishes.

#3. Examine Your Role In Why You Got Rejected.

Some rejections truly aren’t as personal as they feel. It may just be something so tender and doesn’t need to be taken serious. For example, a lady may feel like she doesn’t like a too tall guy and you being too tall made her say No. Don’t take such personally and start hurting yourself. It is just her spec, someone out there likes too tall, You can get your true love afterwards. It can also be like you are the type that doesn’t have dress sense and a guy reject you for that, this should not cause bad feelings, just improve on yourself. Learn to dress well instead of feeling bad or acting like a victim. It is nothing at all, it’s just a call to improvement. After any rejection, learn to know your role in it, if there is any and you see need to improve in that so as to avoid being rejected again, kindly do improve. Think about it, is there anything you could’ve done differently to improve the encounter or can you at least prevent it from happening again in the future?

#4. Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Feel Valued

7 Ways To Handle Rejection From Someone You Love
A Guy Catching Funs With Friends

It’s crucial to spend time with those who accept you for who you are, and think you’re pretty great. Don’t start forcing yourself on someone that rejects you, stay in the environment you are loved and appreciated, that will certainly improve your self-esteem and it is what you need at time of rejection. See yourself through the eyes of people that value you and not the one who rejects you.

#5. Tell Yourself The And It Feelings Are Temporary

Nothing is permanent, not even your present situation, it will soon going to be a bygone, it will go because it really will. Keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary and that you might be even thankful for this experience in the future. Knowing this will aid your healing and help you see it as nothing because it is truly nothing to worry about.

#6. Don’t Blame Yourself, Learn Something New To Grow Yourself

7 Ways To Handle Rejection From Someone You Love
A  Happy Lady After

To keep you busy and focused from blaming yourself, you can try and engage more in physical exercise, it can actually makes you active, lively and takes bad energy away from you. Stay positive, learn new things and improve on yourself. Acknowledge you are not the problem, you just need to get better to the state that most people will see it as a great privilege to have you. To make things even better, learning a new skill may help discover new opportunities or meet new people and you can’t say if you will meet someone that will truly appreciate and love you in the process.

#7. Know That Your True Love Won’t Reject You

Always assure yourself of this, someone that is truly meant for you won’t reject you.

To sum it all, may be hurtful but it is not the end of life, no big deal, nothing new about it. Let the hurtful feeling that comes with it go and move on peacefully. You cannot force people to love you. Feelings cannot always be mutual, but someone that truly love you won’t reject you.




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