NFL Star Eases Pressure In Bahamas Amid Sexual Misconduct Claim

National Football League star was recently spotted in the Caribbean island of Bahamas where he was playing golf with his teammates, as they take time off the football season in order to recharge and refresh for the coming season.

NFL Star Eases Pressure In Bahamas Amid Sexual Misconduct Claim
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Watson has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly twenty female therapists at his former club the where the women have signed petitions that he was inappropriate in his behaviour during therapy sessions at the club.

Charges are yet to be pressed as there has been no evidence to tag the star quarter-back to such allegations. Watson has long since denied those claims and internal sources rumour he will be willing to sue as a result of defamation of his image. Watson has been under the searchlight of many tabloids and it is now very certain that no criminal charges were forwarded.

The 26-year-old was pictured swinging a golf club with some of his teammates from the Browns, and they all seemed to be having a great time on the island, balling golf! Watson’s family is very much behind him and they do not believe there is any cause for alarm regarding the welfare of Deshaun Watson.

Watson began his college career at Clemson University in 2014 and spent three years there. In 2017, he made it through the draft and signed for Houston Texans, where he spent five years and achieved notable successes across five seasons. He covered the most yards in the 2020 NFL season, a figure of 4,823 yards and he scored 33 touchdowns which also made a lot of Texans fans see the star they had landed.

Watson recently joined and is currently off-season and it is widely rumoured he is having the time of his life at Cleveland, as he has begun to fraternise with his new teammates.



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