Terrorism: Zamfara Commitee Wants Bandits Leader, Bello Turji, To Publicly Surrender Arms

Bello Turji, the notorious bandit kingpin, has been warned that his repentance would not be taken seriously unless he publicly gives over his weapons and declares his repentance, according to the Committee on Prosecutions of Bandits Related Offenses.

Terrorism: Zamfara Commitee Wants Bandits Leader, Bello Turji, To Publicly Surrender Arms

The Chairman of the committee, Abdullahi Shinkafi, made this known at a press briefing in Gusau, the capital.

Shinkafi, who is also from Shinkafi Local Government where Turji mostly operates, said for over six months, there was no record of attack or mass abduction of persons in the area and other communities in Zurmi Local Government and neighboring Isa and Sabon-Birnin areas of Sokoto State.

He, however, said the lack of attack does not mean the bandit who unleashed terror and killings in the region has changed for the better.

“As far as I am concerned, I know that he has embraced peace but I cannot say that he has repented because if he has repented, he has to surrender all his arms and ammunitions, come to the government and submit his arms like what other repentant bandits did,” Shinkafi said.

It was reported on TalkGlitz Media that the Deputy Governor, Senator Hassan Nasiha, said that the bandit leader had embraced peace.

He promised not to give in to compromise and be part of peace talks with any bandit.

Shinkafi describes the action being taken by many of them as deception. “Anything to do with dialogue with bandits, count me out because most of them are not trustworthy, they are not sincere, they are not honest, whatever you agreed with them, they will still go back to their bad business, most of them.”

Shinkafi bemoaned what he described as the prolonged investigations and delayed prosecution of arrested bandits and their collaborators.

“The major problem we are having is from the security agencies and the judges and lawyers who are protecting these criminals, when you arrested a bandit with 11 AK-47 rifles, which evidence are you waiting for, he needs to be sent to his creator.

When an armed bandit was caught in an act, killing people and you are waiting for the investigation, what are you investigating for? Send him to his creator.”

The Governor, Bello Matawalle recently signed a law that approves the death penalty for anyone convicted of banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, cultism, or serving as a bandits’ informant in the state.

Bello Turji is a notorious terrorist who is known to have been responsible for numerous massacres, abductions, and attacks against civilians and security forces in Zamfara and parts of Sokoto State.

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