Southeast Governors Dare Nnamdi Kanu


Southeast Governors Dare Nnamdi Kanu

State Governors from the Southeast region of Nigeria have dared the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (), , to attack them and face deportation.

Mr. Kanu had threatened political leaders from the predominantly Igbo area.

Chairman of the Southeast Governors Forum, David Umahi, described the threat as empty and dared Mr. Kanu to attack any of the political leaders from the zone and see if he will not be forcefully deported back to the country.

Southeast Governors are saddened with the ugly display and dance of shame by in Germany in attacking one of the finest leaders of , Senator . We totally condemn it as we weep for them as they never knew the implication of their naked dance in public.

We have also noted the empty threats by Mr. Nnamdi Kanu (a former ordinary member of MASSOB) to attack Governors of Southeast, Ohanaeze leadership and other Igbo politicians for not supporting the self-acclaimed supreme leader in his self-fight for the raw power and wealth while pretending to be fighting for Ndigbo.

We wish to warn that should any Southeast person be attacked anywhere in the world, we shall, by all means, bring back Kanu to Nigeria to face the wrath of our people.  David Umahi – 


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