Sanwo-Olu’s Administration Increased Poverty In Lagos – Jandor

The governorship candidate in Lagos, Olajide Adediran (Jandor) says the poverty level in the state has risen since the beginning of Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s government.

Sanwo-Olu's Administration Increased Poverty In Lagos - Jandor
Olajide Adediran

made these comments on a Channels Television programme called Sunrise Daily.

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He stated that the unemployment rate has risen from 14.6% to 37.6% and that Lagos, known as the commercial capital of Nigeria, is not living up to its potential.

said that according to the latest National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) report, Lagos is not ranked among the top five states with fiscal performance and is not among the top 10 safest states in Nigeria.

He claims that the reason for this is a monopoly that needs to be broken in order to make room for new ideas.

“Poverty rate when this guy (Sanwo-Olu) came into government in 2019 was 4.5 per cent today it is 8.5 per cent. The unemployment rate when he came into office was 14.6 per cent, today it is 37.16 per cent,” he said.

“That is what the latest NBS report says. We had another report that in the year 2022, Lagos is not ranked among the top five states with fiscal performance with all the money. Another report speaks about the safest state in Nigeria, Lagos is not among the first 10.

“You have a government with huge resources and you still have all these statistics not speaking to the successes, it shows failure.

“The reason is not far-fetched, there is a monopoly that will need to break up to open up the space for new and fresh ideas. Until that is done, we will continue to have the same report.”

Adediran, who was a former member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said Sanwo-Olu, the incumbent governor of the state, does not have the political structure to win the governorship election, noting that he is inconsequential in the large scheme of things.

“The current governor is a product of the terrible system that we are speaking to. As far as this campaign and everything is concerned, I will tell you that the current governor is inconsequential,” he said.

“He is inconsequential because politically he has no experience, he has no structure, and somebody just handed that office to him on a platter of gold.”

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