What I Will Do To Tinubu, Atiku If Elected President – Peter Obi

The Labour Party (LP) Presidential candidate, has promised to retire his counterparts from the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu and Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, if elected in the upcoming election.

What I Will Do To Tinubu, Atiku If Elected President - Peter Obi

Peter Obi said that Nigerians will not vote for candidates who are known to have looted the treasury of the nation in the past.

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Speaking at a campaign rally in Asaba, Delta State, on Monday, Obi said he would retire Tinubu and and pay them compensation if elected president.

He stressed that the age differences of his counterparts would lead to their retirement if elected president.

Obi stated that it is the turn of the youths to rule Nigeria and that old politicians who have been in charge of the country’s affairs should step down.

The former Anambra governor also promised to rehabilitate the Warri refinery, which had fallen into disrepair, and to finish the East-West road.

According to Obi: “We will make Warri Port work again. We will complete the East-West road. They have been building the road for 24 years but we will complete it.

“If you put my age and Datti’s age and divide it into two, we are in our fifties. The other people if you put include their age, are in their seventies. You know that there is a retirement age.

“The PDP chairman is 70 years, APC chairman is 70 years. The Labour Party chairman is 52 years old. So it is our turn. We will retire them, we will pay them compensation.

“Our government will be one for youth and women. That is why I told you our average age, not these other people we don’t know their age, we don’t know where they were born, and we don’t know which school they attended.

“I know you heard when they said Peter is stingy. I agree, Nigeria doesn’t want people who will steal their money again. We want to use our money for our people.

“This election is about character and people we can trust. Everybody knows the schools I attended. When I was the governor in Anambra everybody knows what I did, all the work I did. When I left government, everybody knows where I live, go and verify.”

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