Uzodinma Is In Desperate Search For Legitimacy, Says PDP

Uzodinma Is In Desperate Search For Legitimacy, Says PDP
Hope Uzodinma

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has laid serious claims that governor, Hope Uzodinma is desperately searching for power.

This statement can be obtained from a press release issued by the party’s secretary.

It reads:

Evidently looking for the legitimacy that has eluded him since he stole the mandate given the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Hope Uzodinma and his band of Guy Men now believe the best way to gain legitimacy is to spread falsehood against his predecessor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and his seven-month administration that many still remember with great nostalgia.

The PDP is particularly concerned that the mischievous allegation of missing whooping sum of N19.63 billion from the JAAC of the 27 Local Governments *is* a deliberate scheme by the Uzodinma administration to front load looting the resources of the state by shouting in the market place about money that is not yet missing but would be missing by the time they finish their creative accounting scheme.
Besides, this latest desperate attempt at muck raking may also be designed to hoodwink Imolites and distract their attention from the lack of performance and ineptitude of the Uzodimma administration which is being described by our people as a ‘push and start government’.

As the major opposition party in the State, Imo PDP will insist on zero tolerance for government and governance by lies and mendacity. Consequently, the party hereby charges the Supreme Court-imposed governor and his henchmen to halt this drama and focus on the real job of addressing the challenges of Imo people especially at this moment in history that requires intelligent and creative leadership to steer the ship of the state through the impending economic turbulence occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic which regrettable we fear for the capacity and competence of the Uzodinma administration to rise to the occasion

For the avoidance of any doubt, the PDP restates that the allegation that a whopping N19.63 billion belonging to the 27 LGAs was misappropriated is false, malicious and baseless.

Does this contrived audit report which the government is using to hound the Ihedioha administration have approval of the Imo State House of Assembly?

We further note that this false statement and fictitious claim by the Uzodimma regime makes no sense. It was a blanket reference to the entire fiscal audit year, January to December 2019 without distinguishing details of the period January to May, when Owelle Rochas Okorocha was Governor and the period, June to December when Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was Governor.

Most of the corporate and individual entities mentioned in the spurious claims by the Uzodimma regime were unknown to the Ihedioha administration. Infact, records available reveal that the majority of them operated under the Okorocha administration. The formal response from Wallhouse (WA) Limited provided a clear evidence that the Uzodimma regime was on a mission of mischievous propaganda and unintelligent blackmail. After taking delivery of earth moving equipment, the Uzodinma government rushed to the media to deny knowledge of the same equipment it has taken into it’s custody.

The regime also told a lie about the money so far disbursed to Wallhouse WA Limited. While it quoted N1.215 billion as money paid to the contractor, the contractor insist that it was paid N945 million, in three tranches as part-payment.

To convince Imolites that his regime is not involved in witchhunt and propaganda aimed at distracting the public from its woeful failure as a government, Governor Uzodinma should tell Imo people the total allocation that accrued to the 27 local governments in the seven months of the Ihedioha administration. Thereafter, he should embark on simple arithmetic of deducting workers’ salaries, pensions as well as other statutory deductions viz: IMSUBEB, NULGE, Local government service commission, Council of Traditional Rulers, office of the Auditor General of local Governments, etc.

A cursary analysis thereafter will only but earn the Ihedioha administration commendations for being able to honour government obligations in addition to embarking on several capital projects well known to our people.

The Uzodimma administration should also account to Ndi Imo how he has been appropriating Imo LGA funds since he became foisted on Ndi Imo by the Supreme Court by diverting the proceeds of JAAC from the designated bank account to another bank account under his direct management and control instead of crediting each LGA with amounts due to it as obtained during the Ihedioha administration which enabled the LGAs manage their funds

For the avoidance of any doubt, the Ihedioha administration was guided by the principles of rule of law and due process. It instituted the system of constituting panels of inquiry to investigate any allegations of impropriety against its predecessor. It never gave room for unnecessary media trials. Incidentally, the Uzodinma regime retained those panels of inquiry and investigations they are conducting therein.

Never in the history of Imo State has such level of patriotism and desire to uplift the plight of Imolites been seen as Ihedioha practically and demonstrably dedicated himself to the service of the people (upper, middle and lower classes). The reward for exemplary good work cannot and should not be cheap blackmail.
We, as a party, call on Imo people to rise up and demand a stop to gutter propaganda as a way of governance.

We have tried as a party to be law abiding in the face of constant provocations and blackmail at unprecedented pedestrian level. Governor, Uzodinma should stop acting as if he was deliberately recruited from outside the state to humiliate and insult the sensibilities of Ndi Imo.

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