Rishi Sunak Resumes Office As UK Prime Minister [PHOTOS]

After left Downing Street on Tuesday, became the new prime minister. He met with at Buckingham Palace after meeting.

Rishi Sunak Resumes Office As UK Prime Minister [PHOTOS]
Lis Truss leaving the office

In the morning, members of Ms Truss’s cabinet arrived for a final meeting with her as prime minister and a group photo.

King Charles arrived at Buckingham Palace before his meeting with the prime minister who is set to leave office and then met with Mr Sunak to invite him to form a new government.

The lectern was then placed in Downing Street, and Ms. Truss addressed the nation for her final time as the shortest serving British prime minister in history.

As her husband and two daughters stood by her side, she picked up his phone.

Being prime minister was “a huge honour,” especially when I got to lead the nation during King Charles’ accession and the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II.

She defended her economic vision for the UK and urged her successor to be “bold” with a proposal to boost the economy.

Ms Truss then travelled to Buckingham Palace.

She was greeted by Lt Col. Johnny Thompson before she handed her resignation to the king.

The new Conservative leader arrived at the palace shortly after.

Mr. Sunak had an audience with the King in the 1844 room, called “the most important room in the Palace.”

The marble and gilt room is named after the date of a visit from a Russian tsar.

Mr. Sunak was invited to form a government after King Charles asked him to take on the role of prime minister in the United Kingdom, where he became their 57th PM.

He has become the third Prime Minister to be appointed this year, and he will enter Downing Street as the youngest PM in two centuries.

After the official photographs, the meeting was closed to the public for security purposes, and set a precedent for the weekly confidential audiences that take place between the monarch and prime minister.

After his meeting, Mr Sunak walked back to his Downing Street residence, passing under the black iron gate.

As Mr. Sunak stepped up to the podium, the nation fell silent.

He said that she was not wrong to want to improve growth in the UK, saying “it’s an honorable goal”.

“He admires her will to create change,” he said, “But mistakes were made.”

“Having good intentions is not enough to be forgiven, because mistakes still happen.”

Mr Sunak is determined to fix the mistakes his predecessor made.

He said he was ready to guide the country into a brighter future and put our needs above politics. He promised that a new government would be created, one that would represent the best of his party.

After giving a short speech, Mr Sunak stood outside 10 Downing Street and then went inside.

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