I Am Working For Igbo Presidency In 2023 – Amaechi

As different geo-political zones jostle for the 2023 presidency seat, a prominent first republic politician, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, says it is possible that the country would have a president of Igbo extraction.

I Am Working For Igbo Presidency In 2023 - Amaechi
I Am Working For Igbo Presidency In 2023 – Amaechi

He noted those predicting that an Igbo person cannot emerge as president in 2023 are enemies of Ndigbo as the Igbo presidency is more possible and have more potentials of realization than others.

Speaking to Vanguard, he said: “In politics, just like in anything else, nothing is impossible. So, the traditional ruler who said that the Igbo presidency is not possible is out of reality, he is not being realistic.

“Igbo presidency like every other political action is possible. However, Igbo presidency does not mean that Igbo man will be president of Igbo’ alone, for an Igbo man to become the president of Nigeria, he has to be president of Nigerians in general, not Igbo people. He has to be president of all Nigerians and as a country, he has to be for everybody in Nigeria.

“I have always told Ndigbo that to produce the president of Nigeria, we have to be organized, you have to strategize, you have to plan, you gave to work, to produce the president that will be for all Nigerians.

“To be president of Nigeria, you have to have handshakes across the Niger, across the Benue, you have to reach out, you must recognize the fact that Northern has a large population and there is nobody who can be president of Nigeria without the support and cooperation of a large section of the North. So, the Igbo man who will be the president must have the support of a considerable section of the North. The same thing is applicable to the West, he must have the support of the West.

“Igbo votes alone cannot give anybody presidency of and so, for an Igbo man to become president in Nigeria, he must reach out and make friends and also make sure that his political party has the spread to help him secure the seat of the president. So, whosoever that is saying Igbo presidency is not possible after meeting all these conditions does not know what he is talking about, in fact, he is an enemy of Ndigbo.

“So if you are asking me about the possibility, honestly it is possible. There is every possibility of achieving it, it is possible and I must say I am personally working for that. Seriously, I am personally working for that, we can achieve it and I am putting much effort in the work I am doing for that.

“Remember, since, after the civil war, many sections of the country, many influential people in Nigeria do not still believe that the war has ended. Some of them are still fighting the war collectively against Ndigbo but the Igbo have ignored them and gone ahead in spite of those people and I am encouraging Ndigbo to continue doing what they have been doing and not look back to avoid being discouraged.”

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