Imo State Elders Denounce Governorship Candidate Endorsement

Imo State Elders Denounce Governorship Candidate Endorsement
Imo State


A statement was released on Monday by the Concerned Elders of Imo State, dissociating themselves from the supposed endorsement of a specific candidate for the upcoming November governorship election. Chief Nicholas Adiele Oparaku and Elder Isaac Okoronkwo, on behalf of other members in Abuja, issued the disclaimer.

They emphasized that their role as elders was to guarantee that the people of the state have the freedom to elect a governor of their choice without any coercion. Reports that Imo elders had endorsed a particular candidate were deemed undemocratic, unconstitutional, and not representative of the position of Imo elders, they added.

In their statement, they clarified that no candidate had been endorsed by the elders of Imo State, and no elder had authorized any person to give an endorsement of any gubernatorial candidate at this time. The elders were focused on returning inclusiveness, peace, harmony, and political stability to the state, they said, by reviewing the state of affairs and finding ways to improve the situation.

As elders, they stated that their priority must be the welfare, interests, and rights of the entire people of Imo State, regardless of their political, sectional, religious, clan, or partisan affiliations, rather than a specific individual or political party.

The endorsement of a particular candidate by certain individuals was deemed embarrassing as it appeared to suggest that the elders were biased and politically compromised.

The statement also reminded donors that the choice of Imo State’s governor was the people’s decision in an election. Therefore, the reported endorsement of a particular candidate should not be taken seriously as it was not authorized by the elders and did not represent the position of Imo State’s elders.

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