Stop Intimidating Nigerians With Our Group’s Name – IPOB

Stop Intimidating Nigerians With Our Group’s Name – IPOBThe Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned the northern elites to stop portraying their group as a terrorist organisation and as well intimidating citizens in the country with their name.

IPOB in a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful has also dismissed the claim that it planned to bomb the Moshood Abiola Stadium.

However, the group has maintained that it is only out for the restoration of Biafra without hurting anybody.

“The said fulani security chief in Abuja has displayed his stupidity by fabricating the so called intelligence that IPOB in the far Eastern region will attack M.K.O Stadium in Abuja without knowing that his pampered Boko Haram, ISWAP, bandits were out to destroy them both in their homes and their place of works in the North.

“How be it Your nonsense intelligence does not uncover plots by your pampered bandits to attack targets until they carry out their murderous activities. Where was your ridiculous intelligence when Fulani terrorists successfully planted the bombs that destroyed the Abuja-Kaduna bound passenger train, killing many and wounding scores after abducting others.

“It is very stupid of the Fulani-controlled Nigeria security agencies to think that IPOB that is peacefully agitating for the restoration of Biafra in the Eastern region will come to Abuja to wreck havoc. We are not mass murderers like most Fulani groups that derive joy in bloodletting.

“IPOB has no intention to launch any attack in Abuja or any part of the North. We also do not have plans to attack any part of Nigeria because we are not terrorist organisation. Our mandate is the peaceful restoration of Biafra and not launching of attacks.

” Nigeria security agencies controlled by the Fulani and Northern oligarchy should stop making mockery of themselves by using the name of IPOB to scare people. Terrorists have already destroyed the North. They should stop creating confusion and insecurity in the country especially South Eastern region and Biafraland.

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