Rudeboy expresses concern over election violence in Nigeria

Rudeboy expresses concern over election violence in Nigeria
Paul Okoye

Renowned Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, has voiced his displeasure regarding the multiple attacks on voters during the governorship/assembly elections. On Saturday, March 18th, 2023, Rudeboy took to his Instagram Story to express his thoughts on the matter, stating that he would be taking a new stance on how he interacts with certain individuals in his life after the election period.

He emphasized that following the elections, he would be reluctant to dine with some individuals, and he would not trust them either, ensuring that his long spoon is readily available. Rudeboy added, “Some of you are not humans.” In another slide, Rudeboy expressed his concerns about the apparent absence of security forces during the elections, highlighting that during the #ENDSARS protest, both the police and army were seen shooting innocent people, but today, they appear to be nowhere to be found.

Rudeboy’s expression of disappointment towards the attacks on voters is a reflection of the growing concerns about the state of security in Nigeria during election periods. The country has been plagued with election violence, ballot box snatching, and voter intimidation for years. The singer’s strong words serve as a reminder that the government must prioritize the safety of citizens during the election process.

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