Ebonyi: Umahi Orders Arrest Of Caterer For Serving Poor Quality Food At Party

The Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, has ordered the of the caterer who allegedly served poor quality food during the for widows and the aged in the state.

Ebonyi: Umahi Orders Arrest Of Caterer For Serving Poor Quality Food At Party

The was arrested on Thursday at the party organised by the government in Ebonyi.

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Umahi, who did not disclose the name of the caterer, said it was terrible for someone to give others what he or she could not consume.

He said the will be properly investigated and asked to refund the money spent on preparing the food for the widows and elderly.

“We are, therefore, going to repeat this party as we should celebrate our fathers and mothers well,” he said.

“The bible enjoins us to honour our fathers and mothers so that our days would be long on the earth.

“I want my days to be long because I have suffered from youth.”

The governor said he would inspect food for the widows and elderly during the next celebration.

He also said the wrappers shared with the widows and elderly were of inferior quality.

“The celebration must be held on Dec.20 or 21 as anyone who takes what belongs to this category of people is taking trouble,” he added.

“We gave the civil servants high-quality wrappers and they were happy.

“The people who supplied those of the civil servants should be ready to supply 10,000 highest quality wrappers, to the widows and elders.

“When I declared that the mode of agitation some people propagated in the zone would be uncontrollable if not checked, people didn’t take it seriously.

“Ebonyi will never be part of any agitation which leads to the killing of our people and unwarranted destruction of property.”

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