2023: Atiku Might Consider Emeka Ihedioha As Running Mate

A source has revealed that the former Imo State governor has been favoured among others.

2023: Atiku Might Consider Emeka Ihedioha As Running Mate
Emeka Ihedioha

Emeka Ihedioha is tipped to be Abubakar’s running mate after a close source revealed the information.

The Media Aide to the former Imo State governor said that the name of Emeka Ihedioha was the only one being considered for Vice President by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The Vice President is not Ihedioha. Atiku has choose to run for office, and his name is just one of the people being considered for VP.

2023: Atiku Might Consider Emeka Ihedioha As Running Mate
Atiku Abubakar

The PDP party says Ihedioha is favoured among others to be Atiku’s running mate.

He said, “One reason is the good relationship the current VP has with both Atiku and Tambuwal. However, Ihedioha was campaigning for Tambuwal during our primary, so it’s likely that he would continue to do so if victorious.”

The quote in the media reads: “He stabbed us in the back.” Reports indicate that Nyesome Wike, Governor of Rivers State, supported Ihedioha’s ambition to be Imo state’s governor before he was removed after only 7 months in office.

Wike lost the PDP election for the next president of Nigeria to Atiku Abubakar.

Ihedioha, who was the deputy speaker of the house and governor of Imo state, was removed from office by a high court decision. The decision favoured Hope Uzodimma from the All Progressive Congress party. After that event, Ihedioha has been the leader of his political group in Imo.


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