Voter Reports Political Violence in Ebonyi State Polling Unit

Voter Reports Political Violence in Ebonyi State Polling Unit

A man named Oko Sampson Nweke, who is a voter in Ogboji polling unit 10, located in the Ezza North local government area of Ebonyi State, has reported an incident of political violence. He claims that his brother, Peter Nweke, was beaten to a state of unconsciousness by armed thugs who allegedly invaded the polling booth.

Sampson has described the attackers as a group of individuals who arrived at the polling station on two motorcycles, while wielding AK-47 rifles. He says that they proceeded to harass and intimidate voters, ultimately causing chaos and panic at the location. Sampson himself was threatened with a firearm, and he recounts feeling lucky to have escaped the incident alive.

He has reported that his brother, Peter Nweke JP, was one of the victims of the attack. According to Sampson, his brother was physically assaulted by the thugs and left in a state of coma. He adds that reports from eyewitnesses indicate that Peter Nweke is being rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

In addition to the acts of violence committed against the voters, the attackers also reportedly set fire to all of the electoral materials that had been collected in three separate booths located in Ndiagu Ogboji, booths 009, 010, and 011. Sampson’s account of the incident paints a disturbing picture of political unrest and violence in the area, and highlights the need for greater security and protection for voters during elections.

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