Ukraine orders evacuation of Kupiansk as Russia seeks to re-take the city

Russia intensifies its offensive in Ukraine, leading to evacuation order for residents in Kupiansk

Ukraine orders evacuation of Kupiansk as Russia seeks to re-take the city

orders evacuation of Kupiansk as Russian forces shelling continues, and the fate of Bakhmut remains uncertain. Families with children and people with limited mobility must leave Kupiansk due to constant shelling by Russian forces, as Russian mercenaries claim that they have encircled the key city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

Although Ukraine’s military says that the attacks were repelled, the situation in Bakhmut is becoming increasingly difficult. The Kharkiv regional military administration stated that those evacuated would be provided with assistance, including accommodation, food, humanitarian aid, and medical support.

However, those who wish to leave the region are also allowed to do so. With preparing for a major offensive, has warned of a possible escalation in the conflict. The situation remains tense, with no major successes on the battlefield, despite apparent advances around Kupiansk and Bakhmut.

Vladimir Putin is chairing a meeting with the country’s top security officials, following his accusations that a Ukrainian sabotage group entered a Russian border region and opened fire on civilians.

Kupiansk, home to an important railway junction, has been a site of fierce fighting since the war began. initially took control of the city in a matter of days, occupying it for several months before Ukrainian forces took back control last September.

Meanwhile, Russian mercenaries claim to have encircled Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. Yevgeniy Prigozhin, who heads the paramilitary Wagner group, says they have practically encircled the city.

The Ukrainian military says Russian troops are continuing their offensive on Bakhmut, which is becoming more and more difficult to control. has warned of a possible escalation in the conflict, with officials stating that Moscow has amassed thousands of troops on Ukraine’s eastern flank. The situation remains tense, and the fate of Bakhmut is uncertain.

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