Kaduna State Government warns against unruly public actions

Kaduna State Government warns against unruly public actions
Nasir El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Government has recently issued a statement stating that it has received credible intelligence reports revealing plans by some politicians to sponsor and instigate their followers towards engaging in unruly public actions. The government has taken this information seriously and is closely monitoring the situation in partnership with security agencies.

It is important to note that any individuals or groups found to be engaging in actions that could lead to civil unrest, threat to life, and destruction of property will not be spared, and the full weight of the law will be applied accordingly. As such, the government has decided to maintain the suspension of street protests or processions in the overall public interest.

In addition to this, the government has advised parents, guardians, and community leaders to educate their wards against being used by individuals who seek to manipulate vulnerable emotions and volatile atmospheres to generate chaos. It is important to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

The Kaduna State Government urges its citizens to maintain peace and order in the state and to refrain from any actions that could lead to violence or unrest. The government remains committed to the safety and security of all its citizens and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure a peaceful environment for everyone.

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