Governor of Osun State Ademola Adeleke Reveals Passion for Music and Dancing

Governor of Osun State Ademola Adeleke Reveals Passion for Music and Dancing
Ademola Adeleke

Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State, has revealed in an interview on News Central TV on Tuesday that he was passionate about entertainment and business but was compelled by his parents to attend school.

According to Adeleke, he was interested in music and dancing, and in fact, won several dollars in dance competitions during his stay in the United States in 1980, which was the peak of Michael Jackson’s fame.

Adeleke stated, “I have always had a love for music and dancing, and I was supposed to pursue a career in entertainment or business. However, during our upbringing, our father insisted that we had to attend school, become lawyers or doctors.”

He continued, “Despite this, I still found myself pursuing my passion in the US, where I won several dance competitions and earned a few dollars. This experience has always been a part of me.”

The Governor further revealed that his interest in dancing had not stopped him from serving his constituents diligently. He also expressed pride in his children and nephew, who have picked up the same passion for dancing and music.

In conclusion, Adeleke’s story is an excellent reminder that it’s essential to pursue our passions while also acknowledging the significance of education.

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