Atedo Peterside Criticizes INEC Election Results and Calls for Transparency in Upcoming Elections

Atedo Peterside Criticizes INEC Election Results and Calls for Transparency in Upcoming Elections
Atedo Peterside

Atedo Peterside, the founder of Anap Business Jet Limited, has expressed his disappointment with the results released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) during the presidential election, stating that it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. He went on to say that he will not congratulate the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, until it is proven by the court that he convincingly won the election.

During an appearance on Arise Television on Tuesday, Peterside praised the actions taken by Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar of the Labour Party and Peoples Democratic Party, respectively, to challenge the results in court. He said that whatever is agreed upon in court, Nigerians will accept, particularly after the judiciary has done the right thing and has been seen to be fair.

He further stated, “If they go through this process and the judges convince us that everything was done correctly and we adopt the numbers, whoever is the winner, we will congratulate the person. But for now, it is premature. When I can see with my own eyes what INEC has uploaded, it is an insult to everybody’s intelligence. It is premature. People who are rushing to congratulate him have not taken the trouble to even look at the available information or the evidence. INEC is each to its own.”

Regarding the upcoming governorship and state house of assembly elections, Peterside emphasized that the electoral commission cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that questioned its credibility, competence, and impartiality in the presidential election. He stressed that it is a chance for the INEC chairman and others to redeem themselves and insisted that everybody should upload the results after voting.

He added, “We cannot have one or two states hold back the result after voting and start thumb printing endlessly and claiming that they could not transmit the result. INEC cannot fail twice. They cannot repeat that same mistake.”

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