Peaceful Demonstration Staged in Ondo State Over Scarcity of Cash and Fuel

Demonstrators in have staged a protest along the Ilesha-Akure-Owo highway, expressing their dissatisfaction with the scarcity of cash and fuel.

Peaceful Demonstration Staged in Ondo State Over Scarcity of Cash and Fuel

The protesters created a musical performance and danced on the highway while sending their message.

The leaders of the protest warned against any attempts by lawless elements to use the demonstration as a cover for criminal activities.

Comrade Oloroso Surprise, the chairman of NANS in Ondo, said the demonstration was aimed at conveying the people’s dissatisfaction to the government. He encouraged the Federal government to review their naira policy to better serve the needs of the public. He also called for the government to set up a committee to monitor the sales of fuel and access to cash, with the protesters having a desire to be a part of that committee.

Mr. Omotayo Samuel, another protester, said the people are not happy with the current state of affairs and the government should reverse its policies. Meanwhile, Ilesanmi Ademola stated that the protest was peaceful and he urged the youth not to disrupt the peace of the state.

Ondo Police Commissioner, Oyeyemi Oyediran, praised the protesters for their peaceful demeanor and appealed to them to prevent any lawless elements from hijacking the demonstration.

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