UAE Imposes Visa Ban On Nigerians, Rejects Pending Applications

The UAE has banned Nigerian citizens from entering the country, and will no longer accept any applications from them.

The United Arab Emirates has imposed a visa ban on Nigerians.

UAE Imposes Visa Ban On Nigerians, Rejects Pending ApplicationsThe application process is automated and the fees are non-refundable. All submitted applications will be rejected.

This announcement was made in a notice sent to trade partners in Nigeria including travel agencies on Friday.

It’s unclear what caused their removal, but the Dubai authorities said that all applications were on-hold until the issues between the government and Nigerian government were resolved.

The latest immigration decision is to deny Nigerians entry into the UAE.

“All Dubai applications submitted are now rejected. It is general for Nigerians and approvals are on hold at the moment.

“Kindly advise your clients to resubmit C2=A0 applications when the issue is resolved between both governments,” the notice to Nigerian travel agents declared.

A source from Wakanow, who confirmed the story said, “It is true, it was issued yesterday. The Dubai immigration didn’t state when the ban would be lifted but for now, everything is on hold.”


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