Pakistan Ex-PM, Imran Khan, Shot At Protest March

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was shot and wounded in his left leg at a rally in Wazirabad.

Pakistan Ex-PM, Imran Khan, Shot At Protest March

Khan was attacked on Thursday while leading a protest march in Islamabad, the country’s capital city, to demand snap elections.

The ex-PM was rushed away from the scene while his camp said he survived the assassination attempt.

Six others, including another politician, Faisal Javed Khan, were also reportedly injured in the attack.

Khan, the 22nd Pakistani prime minister, was ousted from office in April 2022.

His removal was through a parliamentary vote of no confidence. Since then, Khan has been holding rallies across the country, demanding early elections.

The embattled prime minister had alleged that the plot to remove him was backed by the United States, describing it as “interference in domestic politics”.

In recent months, he has been giving speeches calling for snap elections in the country.

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