Donald Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

Former President of the United State, Donald Trump, has announced his presidential ambition to run for the presidency in 2024,  promising to make America “great and glorious again”.

Donald Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Bid
Donald Trump

Trump said this to a crowd gathered at Mar-a-Lago, his waterfront estate in Florida.

Trump is seeking to return to the White House after he lost his bid for re-election to Joe Biden in 2020.

Recall that Trump won the US presidency for the first time in 2016 when he contested against Hillary Clinton.

Trump would become the second President to retake the White House if he succeeds in 2024, thereby making him the 45th and the 47th president, respectively.

His motivation was partly to discourage other potential Republican presidential candidates, including his chief rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, from running.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States, Trump said.

“This will not be my campaign, this will be our campaign altogether. We will again put America first. Are you getting ready? I am too.”

He added: “Our campaign is based on freedom, values, individual responsibility and just plain common sense.”

Trump said his campaign was going to be “about issues” and would “unify people”.

He accused Joe Biden of “leading us to the brink of nuclear war” and added: “Ukraine would never have happened if I was your President.”

Trump said his successor’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country”.

He said Mr Biden had “destroyed the economy” and brought “hardship and despair”.

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