Niger’s Military Junta Forms New Government Amid Calls for Democratic Restoration

International Community Urges Swift Return to Democratic Governance Amidst Formation of New Military-led Government in Niger

In a significant development following last month’s coup, the military leaders who seized power in Niger have officially announced the formation of a new government.

Niger's Military Junta Forms New Government Amid Calls for Democratic Restoration
Prime Minister of Niger Republic, Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine.

The announcement was made through a decree that was broadcasted on national television on Thursday.

The newly formed government, consisting of 21 members, will be headed by Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine. This move underscores the junta’s commitment to establishing a stable administration despite concerns raised by international observers and citizens alike.

The military junta, led by the newly established military governing council, has strategically appointed generals to key ministerial positions.

The defense and interior ministries, crucial to the country’s security and stability, will be helmed by experienced generals who are part of this military governing council.

The announcement of the new government comes amidst both national and international apprehensions about the junta’s takeover.

The abrupt seizure of power last month led to a swift suspension of the constitution and the dissolution of the civilian government. This was met with both support and condemnation from various quarters.

The junta, however, appears steadfast in its efforts to steer the country through this transitional phase. The establishment of a new government is seen as a step towards restoring normalcy and functioning governance in Niger.

Nonetheless, the international community continues to closely monitor the situation, emphasizing the need for a swift return to democratic governance.

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