Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea Declare Support For Niger Coup

Regional Tensions Escalate as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Guinea Rally Behind Niger Coup Plotters;

In a show of solidarity, the military-ruled Burkina Faso and Mali have jointly declared their support for the recent coup in Niger, warning against any military intervention in Niamey.

Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea Declare Support For Niger Coup  The military junta in Guinea also expressed its backing for the coup, emphasizing the values of Pan-Africanism. The developments come amid mounting tensions in the region following the ousting of President Mohamed Bazoum.

Burkina Faso and Mali issued a stern warning on Monday, stating that any military intervention against Niger would be considered a direct act of war against their nations. The joint statement, broadcast on their national media, urged restraint, emphasizing the potential “disastrous consequences” that could further destabilize the entire region.

The move by Burkina Faso and Mali came in response to ECOWAS’s threat to employ force if the coup plotters do not reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum within seven days.

However, both nations stood firm, expressing their fraternal solidarity with the people of Niger, who they believe have made a responsible decision to take control of their destiny and sovereignty.

Dismissing the sanctions imposed on Niger as “illegal, illegitimate, and inhumane,” Burkina Faso and Mali declared they will not abide by them, further complicating the situation and potentially escalating the crisis.

Meanwhile, Guinea’s National Committee of the Rally for Development (CNRD) officially expressed its unwavering support for the people of Niger.

The committee emphasized the importance of Pan-African values and cited Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, the Head of State of Guinea, in their statement. They also dissociated themselves from the sanctions imposed by ECOWAS, further straining the regional unity in response to the coup.

The coup leaders in Niger have named General Abdourahamane Tchiani, the former presidential guard chief, as the head of state. The coup plotters justified their actions by citing concerns over President Mohamed Bazoum’s governance and his handling of security threats posed by groups linked to al-Qaeda and ISIL.

As these nations declare support for the coup, Niger’s military has been swift in arresting top officials from the deposed government. Among those arrested are the mines minister, oil minister, head of the ruling party, interior minister, transport minister, and a former defense minister, according to the PNDS party.

The situation remains tense as the international community closely monitors developments in Niger, with ECOWAS’s threat of sanctions and the reactions from neighboring countries further complicating the already fragile political landscape in the region.

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