Russia Launches Drone and Missile Strikes on Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv

Russia Launches Drone and Missile Strikes on Ukraine's Capital Kyiv
Fresh Wave of Russian Drone and Missile Strikes Hits Ukraine


In the latest escalation of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia has launched a series of drone and missile strikes against Ukraine, resulting in explosions in the capital city, Kyiv. The attack occurred just 24 hours before Russia’s celebration of Victory Day, an annual holiday commemorating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

According to BBC, air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine, and Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko reported that five people had been injured in what he called the “biggest” kamikaze drone attack to date. The attack also claimed one life in the southern Odesa region, and the Ukrainian Red Cross reported that its warehouse was hit.

This marks the fourth attack in eight days on Kyiv, and it comes after a pause in Russian attacks on civilian targets in recent months. Moscow has intensified its air raids over the past week, in anticipation of a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

The Ukrainian military stated that the latest Russian raids, which lasted for over four hours and began shortly after midnight, involved Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones swarming across the country. Klitschko said that nearly 60 drones had been launched by Russia, and all 36 drones over Kyiv had been destroyed. However, five people were injured by falling debris from downed drones.

The Kremlin has baselessly attempted to draw parallels between the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and World War II. Despite calls for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, tensions between the two countries remain high.

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