Tucker Carlson Exits FOX News Following Dominion Voting Settlement

In a surprising development, Tucker Carlson has parted ways with FOX News following the network’s recent $787.5 million settlement in the Dominion Voting defamation case. Carlson, a frequently controversial figure, has been a ratings powerhouse for FOX News during his primetime slot. The network confirmed that his final show aired this past Friday.

Tucker Carlson Exits FOX News Following Dominion Voting Settlement
A top writer for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson resigned after CNN revealed his racist and sexist posts, reviving criticism of Carlson’s commentaries. Carlson is set to address the controversy on Monday.

While no further explanation was provided for the split, FOX News expressed gratitude for Carlson’s contributions as both a host and a contributor. As the search for a permanent replacement commences, “FOX News Tonight” will air live at 8 PM ET, featuring a rotating cast of FOX personalities as hosts.

Carlson has been with FOX News since 2009, initially as a contributor and journalist, before hosting his own show in 2016. His program consistently outperformed competitors on other networks.

The departure comes in the wake of FOX News agreeing to a massive settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. The company had accused the network of promoting falsehoods about their voting machines during the 2020 election. Had the case gone to trial, Tucker Carlson and other FOX News personalities may have been called to testify. As a key figure in the litigation, Carlson’s private text messages were disclosed during the discovery process, revealing disparaging comments about former President Donald Trump.

Carlson’s time at FOX News has been marked by both controversy and success, making his departure a notable end to an era for the network.

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