British Deputy Prime Minister Resigns Over Bullying Allegations

British Deputy Prime Minister Resigns Over Bullying Allegations
Dominic Raab


Dominic Raab, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Britain and Justice Secretary, has resigned from his position following allegations of bullying staff members while working as a cabinet minister across various departments. The allegations came to light after an official report into his behavior was presented to PM Rishi Sunak last Thursday.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Raab stated that the report sustained two claims against him but criticized its findings, describing them as “flawed” and arguing that they “set a dangerous precedent for the conduct of good government.”

The former deputy prime minister expressed his commitment to keeping his word and resigning from his position if the inquiry found any evidence of bullying. Raab also clarified that he had not once shouted at anyone or thrown anything, physically intimidated anyone, or intentionally sought to belittle anyone in four and a half years.

The Labour Party criticized the Conservative government for allowing ministers accused of bullying to resign instead of being fired. Last year, Sir Gavin Williamson also stepped down from his position after similar allegations were made against him.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats called for Raab to resign as an MP, and for a by-election to be held in his seat, stating that he was “not only unfit to serve as a minister, but is totally unfit to represent his constituents in parliament.”

The investigation into Raab’s alleged bullying was carried out by independent investigator Adam Tolley KC. Despite Raab’s denial of the allegations, the report set a low threshold for bullying, which, according to Raab, could encourage spurious complaints against ministers and have a chilling effect on those driving change on behalf of the government and the British people.

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