Tragedy in Idlib: Earthquake brings new misery to war-torn region

Tragedy in Idlib: Earthquake brings new misery to war-torn regionThe situation in Idlib, is a testament to the devastating consequences of war and natural disaster.

The region was already facing immense suffering due to the conflict between the Syrian regime and various opposition groups, but the recent earthquakes have only added to their misery. People are now facing the prospect of dying from cold and hunger, as their already damaged homes and infrastructure have been further destroyed.

The White Helmets, a Syrian civil defense group that receives funding from the UK, are among the few organizations working tirelessly to search for survivors in the rubble. Despite the odds being against them, they continue their efforts day and night. The international community, however, has yet to offer significant aid or send search and rescue teams to the region.

The region of is the last remaining area in that is resistant to the regime in Damascus, and is controlled by an armed group known as Hayat Tahir al Sham (HTS), led by Abu Mohammed al Jolani. While al Jolani is on a terrorism most-wanted list by several countries including the US, he has called on the world to put aside politics and concentrate on helping the desperate people of northwest Syria.

One such person in need of help is a father named Saleem, who was seen sitting in the dark with a blanket-wrapped dead four-year-old son named Mohammed. The child was recovered after four days trapped in the rubble, but Saleem’s wife and ten-year-old son are still missing.

The White Helmets, including team leader Mustafa Kharzum who has himself experienced the loss of a son, are working to find Saleem’s missing family. Despite their efforts, Saleem’s wife and son were eventually found dead in a hospital morgue.

The situation in and the surrounding areas is a tragedy for the Syrian people, who have already faced years of conflict and loss. The recent earthquakes have only added to their heartache, with families losing homes, loved ones, and facing an uncertain future.

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