First-time lottery player strikes gold with $48 million win

18-Year-Old University Student Wins Big: Plans to Finish Studies and Give Back to Community

First-time lottery player strikes gold with $48 million win

Juliette Lamour, an 18-year-old university student from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, recently won a staggering C$48 million ($35.8 million; £29.7 million) in the lottery, becoming the youngest Canadian to ever win such a large prize.

Despite her sudden wealth, Juliette remains grounded and has decided to invest the majority of her winnings with the help of her financial advisor father. She also intends to complete her studies and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, giving back to her community in northern Ontario.

Juliette recalls feeling emotional upon discovering she had won the Gold Ball jackpot on her first-ever lottery ticket. Despite the excitement, her mother encouraged her to stay and finish her shift before leaving early.

In the future, Juliette plans to travel the world with her family to experience different cultures and study history, while also taking some time to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She also recognizes the importance of hard work and values the advice of loved ones who have reminded her that “money doesn’t define you.”

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